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SurePlayer.org announces first open source MPEG 1 Java Video Player


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The SurePlayer project is an open source initiative founded to develop and promote a non-proprietary, standards compliant, Java-based MPEG video player.

SurePlayer 1.0 was written and released in April 23, 2001. It integrates several open-source projects to form a complete MPEG-1 audio/video player.

Please feel free to contact us for comments or suggestions, support questions, or media related issues. We are happy to discuss any facet of our ongoing work.


Alan Blount runs the SurePlayer.org site. He is CTO of BYOBroadcast.


Communication with our organization is done through email and our list-server. You can download the current release of SurePlayer at our Resources link and view any Open Bugs. 

Key Contributors:  

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Anders wrote MPEG_play, the original Java video (no audio) player in 1998. He is a professor at the Chemnitz University of Technology in Chemnitz, Germany. 

Mat McGowan of JavaZoom.net wrote JavaLayer, a MPEG layer 1,2, and 3 audio player in Java in 1997.

Tobias Bading wrote maplay, a 'C' MPEG audio player, on which JavaLayer was based.

Corporate Contributors:

SurePlayer.org would like to thank the following sponsors:

BYOBroadcast for supporting and paying for development and QA.
Archive.org for use of its servers and bandwidth